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How to Keep Your Laptop in Good Condition

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Nearly 90 percent of college students have laptops. Because Today is the age of the laptop.  Besides using laptop at home and offices is absolutely normal. Laptops, PCs less than twenty percent Uses laptop power then why not take everyone. Several times more expensive PC laptop we buy, we should take care of it. Come and give you some useful tips which help you on your laptop I can perfect condition.

Always keep smooth and hard surface:

A leading cause of laptop failure it is difficult to not equal or smooth surface. Most of us laptop on legs, pillows or put to bed use.

Uneven surface due to laptop out of the hot air flow stops and the laptop gets warm start. Smooth and hard surface for laptop to always keep the air flow is not affected. Use with laptop on legs It is also harmful to human health. Better to keep the laptop be used standalone.

Keep a bag full of:

Shut Down the laptop bag, do not put it off immediately Cap. Hard disk full of a few seconds are required after the completion of the laptop into a backpack.

How to keep your laptop in good condition
How to keep your laptop in good condition

Did not always keep charging:

Use entirely, and even laptop batteries at all stops and get off. Then do not use laptop for four to five hours. Intervals after the laptop once full charge.

Charging end The power loss is enormous. Because the device after the full charge should not have more energy, felt the plug being only waste from the charging is taking place.

Clean Laptop Happened so fast or cotton to keep clean as possible.

Must shutdown:

Most laptop users often remain shutdown do not always do it., If you want to improve your laptop's performance when it is not in use, turn it shut down.

Be prepared for thieves:

Keep doing so if, God forbid, an accident could take someone else's hand. Login password is also an important thing. Always keep putting password on Windows, so are protected from unnecessary aggravation. Definitely

How to keep your laptop in good condition
How to keep your laptop in good condition

Backup your data:

Backup your data on laptops as always continue to do. Most people do not care about that, but this thing is very important. External drives these days have very affordable., But now the U.S. has a large storage The flash drives are available bargains. Carrying a USB backup your important data to keep it.

How to Keep Your Laptop in Good Condition


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