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How Copy and Paste Multiple Text

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Our main needed to copy text. Often we copy the text, but they do not have in mind another copy of the text.
How Copy and Paste Multiple Text
How Copy and Paste Multiple Text

Would like to paste the same text may have been copied to the last.

His it also happens sometimes that when we want to copy text and then paste them together to get, but not possible in Windows to copy a text only facility.

Solve this problem ' I have 'clip O Matic '. Using this software, you can copy multiple text. Then have to paste the text can paste it.

Besides, the best feature is the 'permanent copy. Namely who repeatedly say things need to paste it into a permanent copy.

Such as the email address or e-mail for inclusion in the signature.
Text for pasting command uses Ctrl + ALT + V.

How Copy and Paste Multiple Text


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