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How To Use Crack Softwares

How to use crack softwares

In order repair bug(s) in the software released earlier or to update its latest version, the developers as well provide the users with the executable file(s). These files are known as Crack files. If you are going to install softwares by using torrent and other P2P sharing websites, ensure that there is also a crack file with it so that it can bypass the registration of particular software, allowing you to use it for free. However, it often happens that you still cannot understand how to use this crack file. Here is a solution to your problem:

Copy the crack from the folder where you installed software and paste it in its main destination. (It means to copy it from where you downloaded software such as C:\program files\folder.) After you have copied, double click over the Crack.

It is necessary to note that there is a serious issue with the crack file, as it is usually found by the antivirus software as a Trojan. Therefore, here we present some useful points. Make sure to remember before you are going to use any crack file. 

If you have installed a crack file, it is very important for you to scan it with your antivirus software. If the antivirus software has been found it to be Trojan, it is so safe to let it install. However, if it is found as any other error such adware, malware, worm, virus etc., you are recommended not to use it. 

The reason why the antivirus software will find it as a Trojan is that it brings changes to the software you would like to use. Your AV possible thinks that these changes are not suitable. Therefore, it is found as a Trojan. However, there is always a chance that it is found as a Trojan even after being scanned successfully. If you are determined to use particular free pc software download link then you must take this risk.


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