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BS.Player Pro With Serial Keys Free Download


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BS.Player Pro With Serial Keys Free Download Ever since the terribly starting within the year 2000, the BS.Player™ has been one among the world's most well liked video players. it's common for several reasons. One but ought to be pointed out: baccalaureate.Player™ is that the 1st package pic player ever to alter its users to specialize in observation the pic rather than addressing poor laptop capabilities or running around yearning for a correct setting and codec. Also, it's terribly low CPU and RAM needs

BS.Player Pro v2.63 With Serial Keys Free Download
BS.Player Pro v2.63 With Serial Keys Free Download

There square measure seventy million of baccalaureate.Players put in within the world:
BS.Player™ is employed by quite seventy countless users throughout the globe and it's been translated into quite ninety languages. All the downloaded versions of our free player surpass the add of all downloads of competitive video players and owed videodisc players. as a result of it doesn't use abundant process power it's appropriate for all those that use slightly less capable computers however still need to own glorious video and audio quality. The multimedia system playback has not been – and ne'er are – disturbed by any annoying technical drawback, abundant too usually tough with package of this sort.
Last however not least - baccalaureate.Player™ media player could be a product for the globe public, thus it's equipped with a treasury of subtitle choices that alter the users to observe video and audio files in several of the world's languages.

Favourite songs, movies... square measure simply a click a way!
The BS.Player™ 2.61 doesn't solely play, however with the baccalaureate.MediaLibrary™ it additionally manages your multimedia system content.
Do you would like to make your own media compilation? it's as simple because it gets. you'll kind the content in playlists, that alter you to figure with files quicker and a lot of simply. Playlists is also created through the baccalaureate.MediaLibrary™ module or directly through the first baccalaureate.Player™ 2.61 module. 


  • Playback of AVCHD video new(Advanced Video Codec High Definition) format utilized in Canon, JVC, Panasonic, and Sony digital tapeless camcorders.

  • Support for international multimedia system keyboard keys

  • Play YouTube streaming HD video new

  • Save YouTube streaming video to native disk new

  • Customizable Audio Equalizer

  • Support for Capture and Tuner devices (and Teletext support)

  • Capture Video from capture device to fixed disk

  • Integrated subtitle editor

  • Network file buffering (fluid playback of remote media files)

  • Technical e-mail support

  • DVD support with extremely purposeful videodisc Front-End

  • Be eligible for all baccalaureate.Player upgrades for the complete length of your license

  • And last, however not least: by getting baccalaureate.Player PRO, you're causative and supporting any developing of this common media player. :-)

Capture Video to file:

You can capture video from any supply directly into any format that your preinstalled codecs support (such as most well liked DivX, XviD, 3IVX...).

Integrated subtitle editor:

Easy to use however very powerful subtitle editor. Edit and convert varied independent agency rates to those you would like (23FPS to 25FPS for example), correct dangerous subtitle timings and save repaired subtitle to a .srt file...

Network file buffering:

BS.Player professional can buffer desired portion of a multimedia system file to a cache, and play it from cache rather than taking part in it directly from the drive. you'll buffer from CD drives, network drives, wireless networks... No a lot of laggy playback!

DVD playback:

Play all of your DVD's with low CPU demand and with highest quality. (3rd party mpeg-2 decoder required)
Size: 14.49 MB

BS.Player Pro With Serial Keys Free Download


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